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Bratz World Tokyo, Japan Collector's Edition


Released at the same time as Tokyo a Go-Go, three special edition dolls wearing stylized kimono, accompanied by traditional Japanese accessories, were released. This line included the debut of Kumi, Tiana (who debuted simultaneously in the Tokyo a Go Go Dance n Skate Club playset), and the highly controversial first and only appearance of May Lin. All three featured black hair and the pale skin tone, most commonly associated with Kumi, and were the first dolls (along with Dance n Skate Club Tiana) to feature it.


Kumi2.jpgKumi, new in box Kumi (久美) was the only one of the three dolls to be sold internationally (however, was less common than the other two characters in the United States), and also the only one to have an actual Japanese name.


Tiana.jpgTiana, new in box Tiana was a United States Target exclusive. While her name is not of Japanese origin, it was not considered offensive as it was not likely to be mistaken for one.

May Lin

Maylin1.jpg Maylin2.jpgMay Lin, new in boxMay Lin, United States Toys R Us exclusive. Her name was considered controversial, as it is a stereotypical name of Chinese origin, yet the doll was portrayed as a Japanese girl with no story explaining this.

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